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Deployment Objects is a DevOps and Continuous Delivery Tool. It uses grammars, events, orchestration, and a rich domain model to solve distributed deployment and maintenance problems.

Current CV

Does your business need talent in these areas:
* Architect-level Java Developer
* Architect-level Linux Systems Engineer
* Dev-ops specialist

My current resumé can be found here

Sometimes I hear “wow you seem perfect for this role but we need someone with NoSQL experience.” I’ve used several over the years, summarized here:

DeploymentObjects (2012-present): Developed repository for Java-based
orchestration app using Apache Zookeeper. Integrated LogStash (Redis).
Currently investigating feasibility of using Neo4J graph store for
configuration data (CMDB).

Edmunds (2010): As part of data warehousing team, I developed a Hadoop
deployment cluster using RPM repos, Puppet, ruby, shell, etc. Also
contributed to an HA project using Apache Zookeeper and python/fabric.

Buzz Media (2009): I did a log aggregation project using Hadoop (via
Pig and some Java for mapping) to provide real-time analytics to the
syseng team to isolate heavy traffic patterns. I also did the Hadoop
deployment using their configuration management system, CFEngine. Log
data supported sites with 50M unique monthly visitors.

Ericsson (2007): Increased the scalability of a SQL-backed web service
using an intermediate local data store (similar to berkeleyDB).
Before: app limited to support 15 simultaneous users with a throughput
of 5 transactions/sec. After: App supported 15k simultaneous at 2k
transactions/sec per server.

Bay Street Software (2005): Developed (python based) web site backed
with ZODB object database.

Peoplemerge and Directnet (1997-2004): Developed several high-volume
web apps using BerkeleyDB (PHP-based). One project was for Wells
Fargo and had 1M daily users. And that was on really old Pentiums!

Coupling, Cohesion, and the Big Ball of Mud

Slides to this presentation may be found here, with code samples here.

The material is being brought to life like never seen before on the big screen. Watch the teaser here!

New Site

We’re doing a complete revamp of our corporate website to facilitate a broader distribution of patterns, best practices, and emerging techniques we provide as a service to our clients.

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